1. The way you listened my heartbeat and i listened for yours.

2. I left scratches on your back you left my ribs aching.

3. We kissed like there was no tomorrow.

4. I told you my past you kissed my tears away.

5. Skin on skin.

6. Falling asleep on phone together.

7. When we couldn’t focus on a blockbuster because we were too into each other.

8. You said you love me only two times – when you were falling asleep and when you were drunk. I never said that. Is that why i miss you?

9. Today i came closest to having a panic attack. The sounds merged and my vision became blurred. I couldn’t breath. Just like when you kissed my neck.

10. What we had was insane. And i don’t want to be sane anymore.

11. I told you loving me will destroy you. You told me you want to be destroyed. I think that backfired.

12. I know that corner side of your bed reminds you of me.

13. You promised you won’t fall in love with me. Is this your way of repentance?

14. It hurts. It so much fucking hurts.

15. Remember how i used to run and you used to chase? I think this time i’ve came running too far.

16. You still have pictures of us kissing?

17. Do you have trouble in waking up now that i’m not there to wake you up?

18. I’m so cold.

19. I know i’m a terrible person. And i’m trying to be better.

20. I’ve been dreaming about you.



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