I’m your 4 am and vodka. I’m your winter trauma.

I’m your amubulence siren. I’m the things that make you run.

I’m red on your body. I’m the dark of your mind.

I’m the lipstick stain on your shirt that you refuse to wash away. I’m the words that you are scared to say.

I’m the end of your start. I’m your promise to be never apart.

I’m the scratches on your back. I’m the heart you lack.

I’m the wind brushing your hair. I’m the queen of your lair.

I’m the fire on your lips. I’m your whiskey sips.

I’m your swollen eyes. I’m the echoing goodbyes.

I’m the needle in your vein. I’m your relief and pain.

I’m the smoke in your lungs. I’m the songs that you never sung.

I’m the broken glass in your room. I’m your inevitable doom.


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