1. Love destroys friendship.

2. It’s okay to be alone sometimes. You don’t have to be around people if you don’t want to.

3. Anger, hurt need an outlet. If not, it will destroy you and others.

4. When past comes flooding back, take words and turn black to blue. Not to red. Not to fumes.

5. You parents may not understand you and it may doesn’t seem like it now, but they love you. They are the only people who truly love you.

6. Observe. Listen. Speak less.

7. It’s okay not to open up to someone whom you don’t feel confident with.

8. Place yourself first. Shamelessly.

9. Manipulators can get manipulated too.

10. In the generation, where words and books are disregarded,

Thrive on them.

-things 18 taught me//


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